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Advice on new modem router

I am about to replace my dying 2Wire and Netgear router which is a few years old. What should I buy? I think I have ADSL2. I use Netflix movie streaming and about 3 laptops in the house. Any recommendations? And what specs should I look for? I noticed there are lots of numbers on the routers these days. Thanks.

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Re: Advice on new modem router

Officially the only modems that are supported by Tech Support if you have any issues are the Telstra T-Gateways.

But for just netflix and general laptop use most modem routers will do the job... it is when you want to start using it for more intensive purposes such as full on gaming and the like or you have a super fast connection (like 100/40 NBN connection) that the more expensive modems really start to shine...
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Re: Advice on new modem router

It really depends on what your needs are and how techy you are.

The gateway max is great for basic needs but when you start to want to do advanced things like custom DNS and VPN you are better off with other modems.

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