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Advice please?

Hi there! 


I have just changed my adsl2+ to Telstra NBN.

The service guy came two days ago and brought a new box that I believe is the nbn box for want of a better technical term. He plugged it in and connected it to our modem. Said all things were working fine and we are good to go. 


We have FTTC and having had adsl2+ which wasn't a great speed I was hoping for exciting new speeds. 


Since connection, the speeds I've been getting to devices on the new nbn connection over wifi are anywhere between 4mbps up to 35mbps. Averaging around 19ish. The plan I chose is the 50mbps plan. When I did an enquiry online through Telstra and some other tests it said the connection speed was around 70mbps.


So... I have the Telstra smart modem technicolor dja0230.


Our home is quite large and I live out the back so I know the signal strength I get isn't amazing. First question, could that be my issue and the reason for the slower speeds through wifi? The odd thing is that when I stand next to the modem the speeds don't seem to improve much tho.

I have a fair few devices connected but they aren't all in use at once, mostly we only use maximum 3 devices or so at a time and just for browsing and maybe streaming or gaming. 


I don't really know what to do or how to even begin to work out what the problem is. All I know is that telstra said my line speed is fine. But none of my wifi devices are anywhere near the minimum I should be getting. 


Any recommendations on how I should proceed to determine and fix the issue would be greatly appreciated. 


Should I call tech support? Will they help? 

Should I try an AC type range booster? 

Should I get a triband router instead of the Telstra smart modem. Thanks kindly for any advice. 

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Re: Advice please?

It could be the WiFi that is causing the low speed. The DJA0230 has a inbuilt WiFi monitoring tool that shows a lot of usefull information including the physical speed of the WiFi link between the device and the modem. The physical link speed is the theoretical link speed. The actual speed will be less. The speed will also vary depending on wether the wifi on the device is in use. When not in use wifi devices go into low power mode which results in them reducing the power output and modulation type. Best to make sure WiFi is not in low power mode by doing a speed test while monitoring the WiFi connection.


You can access the WiFi monitoring tool by logging into the modem (http://192 168.0.1) and going to  Advanced > WiFi > Client monitor. Select your device from drop down list and scroll down to physical rate.


If it is the WiFi causing the low speed the solution will depend on why the WiFi speed is slow. If the low speed is only on one device you might have to replace the WiFi adapter on that device. If all device have slow speed you could try changing the WiFi channel in the modem. Also make sure the 2.4 GHz WiFi band Standard is set to 802.11 b/g/n and width set to Auto. The 5 GHz WiFi standard is set to  is 802.11 a/n/ac and width to Auto

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Re: Advice please?

Thankyou, I'll give this a try, appreciate your help! 

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