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Angry at Telstra and its Velocity FTTP service

I would like just post my frustration with Telstra in the hopes someone higher up can see one of the reasons why slow upload speeds are unacceptable for this day and age. Especially since Telstra Velocity is FTTP and there is no legitimate reason for this being so.


With the summer season approaching and bushfires seemingly getting worse I though it might be a good idea to have an automated offsite backup for the data on my NAS (since living in a bushfire risk area). So I purchased a 2TB backup plan from a service that is compatible with my NAS, and its been backing up for a days with days to go. This dataset is just personal documents, work files, and photos totalling around 500GB.


Backing up data is one application of why we need faster upload speeds. I also work from home often (software developer) and often need to to servers. Other applications emerging more and more (ones I don't really use) are things as uploading and sharing videos on YouTube. There are a lot of home surveillance systems coming out now that required a remote server to stream to.


I appeal to Telstra to fix up this problem, give us an indication that you will fix this problem. If not sell it to some one who will. Sad to see Telstra lagging so far behind in communications technology. Even funnier that the Telstra Chairman recently stated in an article if NBN never happened Telstra would have provided faster speeds, clearly false considering Telstra is failing to do so on their own fibre network.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Angry at Telstra and its Velocity FTTP service

Telstra put a proposal to the government a couple of years before the NBN was conceived to introduce what we now call FTTC. The government in their wisdom decided to create their own entity (NBN Co), which was slower to roll out than Telstra's proposal, cost more, and was far more complicated.


As far as the speeds you are getting, give the Telstra Velocity Team a call via 132200 and see if your area has been upgraded (there was an upgrade program running) and see if faster speeds are available to you via a speed boost.

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