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Anyone still working in Telstra and NBN????


I moved to a new apartment and want to change my Internet service to the new home. The order supposed to be done on 31 May, on that date, the Technician told me to get the key to the communication room in 4 hours (why no one told me earlier and I am not an IT person, how can I know what the freak is the communication room, I thought to plug the box into the cable on the wall and it should be done ^_^).


The building manager told me that if i want to use the key, I have to order 2 business days earlier. And the technician just leave with anger 'you dont have the key, i have wait for 4 hours, you dont have the key, you dont have the key' and he leave with a very bad attitude. 


Later, I called Telstra and NBN to reschedule the appointment, the operator asked me to solve this online by myself and the website page asked me to call the operator. 


And I called Telstra and NBN over and over again, 'go online' and I have to explain the rules to the operators, seems like I was training them, what a joke!


Can somebody who really work in Telstra and knows the rules better than me (dont tell me to go online and reschedule by myself ) give me a hand?



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