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Appalling Service Before Order is Even Complete!



I can't begin to describe the terrible service I've received over the last few weeks. On the 15th December I called the NBN sales team to place an order for my FTTN service. I had been receiving a lot of documentation to state that my home was ready. I've received an NBN mailout and Telstra mailout.


The sales person I spoke to confirmed that I could indeed get NBN and placed my order. She decided it would be best to transfer over my home phone first and activate the account with that. So she put me on the $24 per month home service (the lowest one possible) whilst she looked up an NBN appointment for me. She then advised there were no appointments for Dec, Jan or Feb and she said that sometimes happens so she put through a form.


After not hearing from her for several days, I contacted Telstra and asked to be put through to her. She advised that in 3 days she was going on long service leave. I was alarmed that I would be stuck on the terrible home phone plan for weeks until my order was completed. She promised this would not be the case. She advised that when she left it would be escalated to a Case Manager. She also promised to call me on her last day to update me. Nothing happened.


I called and spoke to a second person who advised me that yes I had been given a Case Manager. I rang said Case Manager who advised there was no order, and until the order had been completed I could not have a Case Manager. So I was put back to the sales team.


On Wednesday the 30th of December I spoke to a new sales person and her direct supervisor, both of whom advised me that NBN hadn't finished working on my premises and that the order couldn't be processed until 11 February. I asked what I was supposed to do about my home phone. Their response was "as long as you don't use that phone at all until 11 February, we will credit the $24.95 back each month". This is RIDICULOUS!


The supervisor promised me that her sales person would ring me at 11:00 on Monday 4th January to update me no matter what. I haven't heard a thing back since! I never received an email from that contact so I don't even have a "click here" link to get in contact.


I sent an email to NBN on Saturday 02 January and they responded within 2 hours. Their communication is running rings around you. They advised that remediation needs to occur to my premises and that the date is 11 February but could occur before then. How would I ever know? No one is even looking at my order!


I've spoken to 5 people to date and no one is taking responsibility for any communication. You obviously don't want me as a customer Telstra.

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Re: Appalling Service Before Order is Even Complete!

Hey Synergy

I apologise for the late reply on this one, and what you have had to go through so far is definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. 

Were you given any reference numbers at all for this order? I'm happy to escalate this one, but just need some details to follow up on. 

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