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Apple HomePod configuration error: "Some Features May Not Work on this Network"

The Apple Home app on iOS 14 shows the following error message when configuring my Apple HomePods: 



In discussing this with Apple Support, they have pointed me to this support document: on "Recommended settings for WiFi Routers and Access Points". This document recommends WPA3 Personal security for home WiFi networks, but this appears to not yet be supported on our Telstra Arcadyan Smart Modem Gen 2, currently running firmware 0.14.12r 


So two questions: 


1. How should I configure the Telstra Smart Modem to avoid the Apple error message regarding peer-to-peer networking


2. Is there a firmware update coming for the Telstra Arcadyan modem that will provide WPA3 Support?





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Apple HomePod configuration error: "Some Features May Not Work on this Network"

Make sure the WiFi security on the modem is set to WPA2-PSK and PMF (protected management frames) is on.

Then restart your Homepods.


WPA3 probably won't be available until the next generation of Telstra modems (the 5G Home modem supports it - it's WPA3 certified).

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