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Apple TV slow

We have a cable ultimate plan. If I Speedtest right next to the Apple TV I get around 70Mbps minimum but Apple TV keeps stopping while watching movies or TV shows from the iTunes Store. It is so frustrating. 


Any my ideas how to fix the problem?


Thanks so much. Paul. 

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Apple TV slow

I have seen this a few times lately.

It seems there is something up with the DNS settings on the Apple TV when set to automatic... other people have noted significant increases in performance just by overwriting the DNS settings to the localised DNS setting for your state.

If you go to this page here, then scroll down a little you will find a list of states and DNS server IP address.

Note the two DNS settings for your state, and then go to settings > general > network > select your network > should have an option of configure DNS > change it to manual and enter the first of the two addresses for your state.

If you don't get an improvement with the first one, try the second one, if that also doesn't help you could try comparing with a third party one such as GoogleDNS trying or

Hopefully changing the DNS will help your performance.

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