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Arcadyan LH1000 Constantly disconnecting

Over the last month or two i have been plagued by constant disconnects from the internet. Sometimes it will happen 2 or 3 times throughout the day and sometimes it can happen 15 times in 90 minutes (this is not an exaggeration)


A friend of mine checked the logs and said it had something to do with WAN. 


Has anyone else experienced this before and know how to resolve? 


I have attached a screenshot of the logs from when it has happened. 

On the gateway when it happens, only mobile signal is green, everything else is blank (screenshot attached)

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Re: Arcadyan LH1000 Constantly disconnecting

Hi - you may be able to get matters resolved quicker by engaging with Telstra directly with a fault so that they can investigate for you.


Some troubleshooting you could do prior to contacting them.


Are you on FTTN - if you lose the WAN link due to NBN or Telstra problems, the 4G Back Up service should kick in within 4 mins - if it doesn't, in your case it may mean that the network Internet came back on before the 4 mins and stopped 4G from activating. When all the rear LEDs are OFF, is the front LED Blue which indicates you are on 4G Back Up. Do you see it going through a Start Up process - e.g. Front LED White, Amber, Green.


The modem sends a message to Telstra's Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) so that the ACS can then check the status of modem. In your log , apart from one line which shows it it is not seeing an IP4/IP6 address, it appears to focus on getting Telstra's Wi-Fi cloud management Wi-Fi Doctor service to scan the 2.4Ghz immediately and then the 5Ghz band. If it thinks your Wi-Fi networks can be better aligned, it will swap channels - maybe this is happening causing temporary disruption rather than resetting the modem. Have you introduced any new wireless devices to your network 1-2 months ago. 


When this happens again, if you disconnect all wireless devices and then introduce one at a time, it may reveal a culprit device. In early firmware days, Telstra's Wi-Fi Doctor caused interruptions and modem Resets however that should have been resolved with firmware updates. The current firmware is 0.14.12r.


In the logs, when the modem power resets, during the boot up process, the time stamps revert to 01.2018  and on completion of the start up reverts to current day and time. 



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