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Are Existing NBN orders still being completed?

We placed an order for NBN (FTTN) several weeks ago. The order was then created on the 27th of February with an expected connection date of the 16th of March. Hardware (which we didn't need, and indicated as such) was delivered a few weeks ago. We received a couple of SMS updates indicating the order was understandably delayed. However, we haven't received an update in some time and the order tracker still says we will be connected on the 16th of March. Does anyone know if Telstra are still doing NBN FTTN connections, or has this activity been stopped?



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Re: Are Existing NBN orders still being completed?

Dr Steve. I am in the same situation and cannot get any answers. My connection box and Telstra router is installed but still only getting ADSL speeds. My order says the hardware delivered but it is not completed. Not sure the next step.

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Re: Are Existing NBN orders still being completed?

I still haven't had my order created. Had a confirmation email on the 15th of March but still no order number. Unable to get through to anybody at Telstra to find out if my order is going to go through.

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