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ASDL / Cable availability at new build subdivision

Hey team,  I hope you can help me with this issue which I am experiencing.


I live in a new-build home which was the part of a tri-plex development (the old house was demolished and three new townhouses built in its place).  There are three dwellings on the lot (mine even has an adjoining wall with one of the neighbours).  Both the dwellings at 'A' and 'C' are eligible for Cable / Broadband services, yet mine 'B' is not?  


My street is serviced by cable internet but not the NBN.  How am I able to have this resolved so that I am able to receive cable services and foxtel bundles through Telstra etc. (which both of my neighbours have)?


I've also used the availability checker to lookup both of my neighbours, and they both come up with access to all serrvices (at 'A' and 'C').  These homes were built and completed in June 2015 and it seems strange that my dwelling doesn't have this connection when both of my neighbours do?


Is there anyway to split off from one of their connections or have the additional connection installed?  I have a Telstra box out the front of my house next to the Electrical box... so I'm very confussed as to why i wouldn't have the same service accessibility as the neighbours?


If anyone has advice please post here or pm.


Kind regards,


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Re: ASDL / Cable availability at new build subdivision

You need to call sales, try 1800 709 957 between 8am and 9pm AEDT, and request a 'cable commercial quote'.

The sales agent will be able to help you, they will fill in a form on their system that sends a request to a specialised cable product team who will do some investigation and see if it can be provided to your property, and if it can they will update you with the results, which if that means it can be provided they will update the system to reflect that.

Just note, that if there is any non-standard connection requirements they might come back to you with a cost above the standard installation but they would inform you of that.
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