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Atrocious Speeds with Bigpond ADSL2+ Elite

I am currently 18. My parents purchased internet a few years back so I could finish school properly. 


The internet has been fine up until the start of this year. It has turned to rubbish. It takes nearly 5 minutes to watch a 30 second YouTube video because of how slow it is. My parents pay good money for this internet. They don't use it, so they don't know how slow it is, but I do. I have called tech support and spoken to level 2 technicians. All they can say is, "Your line is fine, I tested it in the street and on our side, your speeds are how they should be."


This is rubbish. All day every day, extremely slow connection. My firewall is off at the momemt. I have no viruses. (Scanned with AVG pro, Kaspersky and Norton 360) All of them are off at the moment as well, no difference. My Desktop PC is the only computer connected to the modem as of right now, by ethernet cable of course. 


I did a test using Command Prompt, pinging www.google.com. I should be around 30-40 ping. That's what it was before the internet turned to garbage.


Here is a test I did today 9:30PM WST Wednesday 20th August


Pinging Google.com



My parents pay around $88 for the internet. My question is, why are we being charged $88 /month for dial up connection type speeds. 



One last thing. Please, just please, do not tell me to call Telstra Tech Support. I cannot count the number of times on both of my hands that I have called them. It is like talking to a brick wall, They all say the same thing, "nothing is wrong with your connection". Not true at all, some poeple have genuine issues with their service and Telstra shoves it off like it's nothing. 


I have called Tech support. Telstra Support. I have had numerous technicians come out to my house to check the lines, and have been charged for a problem that never gets fixed.


I have tried changing all of the connectors/filters/adapters in the house. I have tried 3 different modems (not including the standard bigpond modem). I have tried using shorter phone cables. I have even tested FIVE different computers. (3 desktops and 2 laptops) I have also tried using my mothers iPad, iPhone, my Samsung Galaxy S2, and my fathers Blackberry bold. They all come up the same. Slow, dial-up type speeds.


The point is, I like to game, I play a game that only has servers in North America. My usual ping was around 218-229 back last year. Since the start of the year, my ping never goes below 350. This is an enormous number for gaming, the delay between clicking on my end and moving on the servers side is about 3-4 seconds. This is difficult to play with.


All up. My internet is extremely slow. The speeds are WAY below what we were promised/told. I was told 7mbps d/l and 2mbps u/l. Wrong, numerous self testing using my own methods, and testing using clients such as Steam, speedtest.net, downloading files from random websites etc. Speeds are way below average. roughly 35-100kbps.





1 dekstop computer connected.

I am 2.3kms in cable length from my exchange.

My Usage allowance is 500GB (I have not exceeded it, EVER, so don't say it)

I am connected directly to te modem via a 1.5m CAT5E cable.




I know a lot about computers. I have studied them since Year 7 (5 years). I know for a fact there is nothing wrong on my end. It's all Telstra's business from here.



Dylan Krajewski


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Re: Atrocious Speeds with Bigpond ADSL2+ Elite

"Here is a test I did today 9:30PM WST Wednesday 20th August"


really? really?



OK, never mind the pings, they don't actually tell us much useful.  Please post your modem stats.  This will tell us what speed you modem is getting, connection speed, and a whole bunch of useful stuff.


I have asked for this post to be moved to the appropriate area.  As an 18 year old with 5 years of computer expertise, you should be able to read a forum and find the appropriate place to post your query.



We'll help as we can.



If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
Any opinions I express or advice I give are purely my own, and don't represent Telstra.

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Re: Atrocious Speeds with Bigpond ADSL2+ Elite

I said I tested it at 9:30pm. And I did. Why is that so hard to believe? How are the pings not useful. For a person that should get 30-40 getting 150-200 average is a clear sign of slow speeds.


I don't have 5 years computer "expertise". I never studied it proffessionally, everything I know about computers I learnt via myself and random sources from books/internet etc. This us the right section I'm pretty sure. ( Crowd Support > Community > Community Feedback & Support)




Regardless, here it is.



Modem Stats/info



Product Name:TG782T
Serial Number:CP1040NTCWZ
Software Release:8.6.P.3
Software Variant:AZ
Boot Loader Version:1.1.1
Product Code:3664121A
Board Name:



This page summarizes the current configuration of your Thomson Gateway.


Service Configuration

This section contains information regarding the service configuration currently applying to your Thomson Gateway.

Service Name:BigPond (modified by user)


Time Configuration
Time Source:Automatic
Summer Time:No
Time Since Power-on:11 days, 0:16:19
Time Server 1:0.au.pool.ntp.org
Time Server 2:1.au.pool.ntp.org
Time Server 3:2.au.pool.ntp.org
Time Server 4:3.au.pool.ntp.org


System Configuration
Web Browsing Interception:Automatic


DSL Connection

Link Information
Uptime:0 days, 3:51:29
DSL Type:G.992.5 annex A
Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]:1,020 / 2,640
Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [MB/MB]:2.94 / 8.47



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Re: Atrocious Speeds with Bigpond ADSL2+ Elite

We are going to try to help you, but you need to give us some more.


We might be able to get this escalated if it comes down to it, because there's obviously something wierd with your modem stats.


now as for your testing:------AUGUST????  Which is why I questioned it.


Last time I looked it was February.  You don't have your PC date 6 months in the past or future do you?-, because actually typing in August instead of February is a pretty wierd thing to do.



OK, ping doesn't tell us a lot.  There are more things and tools than ping.


Your connection speed of 2,460  suggests you are getting poor speeds on the connection, and that's the fastest  stable speeds your modem can achieve on that line.


So, there *should* be a few more stats, such as signal/noise, line attenuation and a bunch of other things, that might tell us more.  Since you say you have tried numerous other modems, and they all seem to have achieved the same result.... 


So my guess is it's line condition


Bear in mind, ADSL2 has a MAX theoretical speed of 24Mb, but it's dependent on a whoooooole bunch of things, including attenuation, and Telstra doesn't guarantee mx theoretical speeds.


Is the connection stable, or does it keep dropping out at random times? 


Your modem (looking at the model number), should also give us the Signal to noise and the attentuation stats.


It's possible, (and it's happened to me), that the line to the exchange, or the equipment is significantly decayed, and Telstra had to replace a whole run to fix things.



BTW, and this is a simple reminder:


If you note the actual location of the discussion, now in Home Broadband, you might get a few more responses, because not everyone looks at all of the discussion threads, so you are more likely to get help by having it in the right place.


A brief look around at what parts of CrowdSupport have what sorts of discussions, and you might have figured that out for yourself.



If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
Any opinions I express or advice I give are purely my own, and don't represent Telstra.

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