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Awful support

I'm a Telecom expert, worked for over 20 years in the industry. I also worked for Telstra several times, the last was as a program manager under the infamous 3 Amigos. Recently I tried to order NBN through Telstra. I thought this a good idea until I went through the ordering process. I spent probably 25 minutes on the phone, got to the end of the process when the call agent said that they require my annual salary, my employer name etc... When I replied, "Why do you need this information..., they responded its a legal requirement...". I hung up the phone politely and now Im with Aussie Broadband and couldnt be happier. Not only do they have an aussie call centre, they never required those questions to be answered. Now, Im still a Telstra mobile customer. So I used the "Messaging" app tonight, I want to buy a new phone. Telstra is so backwards with its Technology. I submitted my request, then I was left on hold for 20m, no countdown as to the position I was in. Finally someone answered, I responded with their request for further ID details, and then onmce again, left on hold........ and on hold ....... Ridiculous service

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Re: Awful support

I gave up on the call when the agent Guilla thought it was September.  I had to remind her/him its August now.  OMG.  Telstra what have you done?

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