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bad routing to Singapore

Used to be able to play dota 2 from Perth to the Singapore server however I can no longer do so as the routing is messed up, i've run the tracert command in cmd, and shows that it's routing to HK then to singapore which is resulting in my 160 ping, where's before it used to be sub 70. 

Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue?

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Level 2: Rookie

Re: bad routing to Singapore


Level 2: Rookie

Re: bad routing to Singapore

Considering I never got any help via this crowd support. I've called up tech support, after speaking to two consultants with no help what so ever, I asked to speak to the manager, she says no worries we can fix it and makes me call up bigpond platinum support. After being on hold for 20 mins, i hang up and decide to use the online chat. 


Straight up tell me that sorry we can't do anything about the routing. I find this hard to believe since there's so many threads on here with people having the same issue as me and it gets resolved.

And if bigpond can't do anything abuot the routing does that mean the routing just randomly changes day to day and no one has control over it?

This service is horrendous.

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