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bad routing to Singapore

Is anyone else having issues with Telstra Global routing from Perth to Sydney to Hong Kong then to Singapore? 

This should go directly from Perth to Singapore surely. 

TRACERT shows me having ping of around 250ms instead of my normal 135ms to the WoT SEA server. 

Problem is at Hong Kong site by the looks. 

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Re: bad routing to Singapore

Has been discussed here few times recently - seems that the cable is damaged/non-functional...


Here is link to more information http://status.vocus.com.au/view-incident.aspx?IncidentID=217

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Telstra or any other ISP. I never did. I have wealth of practical knowledge in Computer Security and Forensic Computing. I have been in the field since 1985.

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Re: bad routing to Singapore

Thanks forensicsguru, was thinking of the cable being the issue but didn't see anything on the normal site I check it on.
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Re: bad routing to Singapore

Thanks guys,

Perth to Singapore ping this has been driving me crazy for the last 2 weeks.

It looks like SeaMeWe-3 Perth to Singapore has failed again and we will have bad ping / lag / latency for all of the christmas holidays - and probably most of January.  

Normally I see cable faults reported on technical blog web sites but for some reason this one is not getting much news.

Sigh - no gaming this Christmas, I should be able to get the garden tidied up ...

See you online in February!

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Re: bad routing to Singapore

I know this is old but my ping to WOT SEA went to hell in December and has not come back after the cable repairs

I have had Tech support from WOT regarding reseting network connection through command promt, windows firewall and Port forwarding to no avail.

I also have had the Telstra Tech out to check my line and online support is well shall I say lacking.

Im now forced to use "kill ping" which costs me to get a respectable ping of 120. So if they can manage that why cant telstra.

Historically my ping for the last 3 years has been around the 110-120 mark.


Tracing route to login.worldoftanks.asia []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms     1 ms  dsldevice.gateway []
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3    26 ms    25 ms    25 ms
  4    26 ms    27 ms    27 ms  bundle-ether13.chw-core10.sydney.telstra.net []
  5    39 ms    39 ms    39 ms  bundle-ether8.exi-core10.melbourne.telstra.net []
  6    52 ms    51 ms    51 ms  bundle-ether5.way-core4.adelaide.telstra.net []
  7    78 ms    79 ms    79 ms  bundle-ether5.pie-core1.perth.telstra.net []
  8    77 ms    77 ms    77 ms  tengige0-5-1-0.pthp-core01.perth.net.reach.com []
  9   129 ms   127 ms   127 ms  i-0-4-2-0.sgpl-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net []
 10   147 ms   147 ms   148 ms  unknown.telstraglobal.net []
 11   182 ms   174 ms   176 ms  i-0-0-2-2.istt03.bi.telstraglobal.net []
 12   209 ms   208 ms   208 ms  unknown.telstraglobal.net []
 13   174 ms   173 ms   174 ms  sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw []
 14   208 ms   207 ms   208 ms  sg2-sl-a65.fe.core.pw []

Trace complete.


any help would be appreciated

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