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Better modem?

Hey is there anybody out there that knows of a better model modem that i can get to work with Telstra NBN, i currently have a Sagemcom Fast5355 and it regularly drops the internet also after a day or two i can't log into the admin page unless i reset the device,just won't accept password.

I have tried another one of the same model modem with the same results, don't want to go down the path of 4G backup as if that is limited to 6Mbps instead of my 50Mbps i would rather have no internet.

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Re: Better modem?

If you use your Home Phone, then you will need a Telstra modem.


I really don't see your point about the 4G backup, but if you would prefer no internet, then so be it.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Better modem?

The limit on 4G backup is now about 23 MBps down and 3 Mbps up. The 4G backup only operates when main link is faulty so would have 50 Mbps when main link is working.


If you are experiencing dropouts and halve already tried another gateway then the problem is not the gateway but an fault with the link. If you have FTTN or ADSL there is probably a faulty connection in the cable causing a intermittent fault.


There are modems that provide a faster and stronger WiFi signal and don't halve the same log in problem. Here is a list of Telstra modems and gateways listed in descending order of WiFi performance. All have 4G backup except last two. .


Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (DJA0231 or LH1000)

Telstra Gateway Frontier (DJN2130)

Telstra Smart Modem (DJA0230)

Telstra Gateway Max2 (TG800)

Telstra Gateway Max (TG799)


I have seen them in cash convertors ranging from as little $20 for Gen 2 modems to $5 dollars for earlier modems.

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