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bigpond cable DNS settings - NBN?

hi all,


I am in Ringwood North 3134 and am on bigpond cable - and no foxtel.   Since late September my windows based devices have experienced regular dropouts and when I do device troubleshooting the DNS connection is lost.   Bigpond support sent tech's over, replaced the modem but the problem is still occurring.   My mobile phone, netflix on TV and other wired/unwired devices all connect OK but the windows devices dont.  


I have been able to find a workaround which is to use the ipconfig command to flush the DNS settings and then release/renew sometimes multiple times before it finds the DNS server.   I think my area is being upgraded to the NBN so I suspect that the network connections are causing the modem to lose the connection to the DNS server and then either the modem or the PC gets locked in some way until its reset.   


Anyone experiencing similar problems and can Telstra use a network sniffer to see what is really happening?

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Re: bigpond cable DNS settings - NBN?

Given that your other devices are working properly, it sounds like a problem with your Windows computer. My son's laptop suffers from similar problems on a non-Telstra connection from time to time. Haven't found a permanent fix yet unfortunately.
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