Level 4: Private Eye


I hate Telstra. Why? Bigpond Cable Internet outages on and off for two years, after 13 years with almost no problems. Contact centre outsourced to Philippines with friendly but ineffectual staff who cannot see outages and cannot connect to service technicians. Imagine paying $1000 per year and getting such poor service that you end up angry and frustrated with the repetitive problems, poor and slow response to what is now a vital infrastructure. WAN down, call BigPond tech support, of course - like last Friday - no outage in our area (which was later revised to...yes there was an outage)...2 days til service technician can come but only during working hours with 3 hr time frame meaning half a day off work. I hate Telstra. When our cable internet works downloads are fast (uploads are so slow) but when outages stop the service and we get no apology, no empathy, no fast response (as should happen just as if electricity or water or phone lines were down) over and over again is insulting and disgraceful. Once again, I hate Telstra. Yes NBN is supposed to be coming some time soon supposedly but it will still just be the dodgy hybrid coax cable internet network which is crumbling. Only hope is if docsis 3.1 modems can get promised superfast downloads....i live in hope.

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