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Bill wrong and T-gateway dropping out

Where to start?

A month ago my email account sent spam, in spite of having the full Bigpond security. So I rang Telstra to ask what I could do about it. After 2 hours on the phone I no longer had a working modem. The promised level 2 techie never called back. After another phone call and another two hours, I was sent a new T-gateway. I was also promised the 5 days of no internet access would be reimbursed.


Since the new T-gateway I have had constant interruptions to internet service and it's getting worse. Yesterday I had to run diagnostics or turn the modem off about five times in a couple of hours. Just about every day I've had to run diagnostics at least once.  I never had a problem with the old modem.


And we didn't receive a May bill. Just received the June and it includes an amount carried forward from May so I printed the May one off the website.

It says it's for $102, but it only totals $81. But that's ok because it then explains there's a $21 "rounding".

And there is a credit for $17 that mysteriously turns into a credit for $38. And there is no charge for the first half of the month when I was on the 2gb plan. But they billed me not only for the half of that month I was on the 5gb plan, but also for the full may-june month @ 5gb, even though this is also billed on the June bill.

And if they credited the 5 days I didn't have internet access, it's not obvious. Unless it's the mysterious $17/$38.


Oh, and for the last couple of weeks the phone line crackles so much you can hardly hear. I tried the moden with/without filter but it doesn't seem to make a difference.



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Re: Bill wrong and T-gateway dropping out

I thought this service was supposed to give me answers!
Do you know, when you log back in you're not even presented with a list of your own posts. Nor does searching on your user name find it - I had to search by topic!
Phone now nothing but crackles and hisses. I tried phoning 132200 but all I got was crackling.
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Re: Bill wrong and T-gateway dropping out

Update: A Private message in my inbox! At last, a response from Telstra, I think.
This is the message:

Congratulations! You have a new rank in Telstra Crowdsupport

Gee, thanks Telstra.
Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Bill wrong and T-gateway dropping out



Sorry for the long delay in responding. Just a FYI for the future, this isn't intended to be an instant response contact method. Anything urgent still needs to go through phone or LiveChat Smiley Happy


If you haven't already, I suggest calling as soon as you can. It looks like you have a few issues here that are unrelated. We'd need to investigate the drops, as well as possible reimbursement for the service. 



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