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Billion 7800NXL VPN issues



I am trying to connect to my company ASA VPN but seems to get stopped when I am on my home telstra ADSL connection. 


I have a surface pro 3 which works fine on corp wifi and public hotpost also my Telstra 3g connection paired with my phone. I can not make a connection from my home network. 


I have a Billion 7800nxl which i can and have formed vpn connection to other ENT solution before (Juniper MAGS, Citrix). 


On the surface pro I can rosolve the corp vpn url fine and even traceroute to it but can not form a VPN when on Telstra Home ADSL which leads me to believe there is some issue on the telstra side. 

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Re: Billion 7800NXL VPN issues

fixed was ALG IPsec settings on router. Turned it off and straigh on VPN.

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Re: Billion 7800NXL VPN issues - Thomson TG782T too.

I am also having VPN issues, but not on a Billion 7800NXL.


I have a Bigpond-issued Thomson TG782T and since a couple of weeks ago, I can no longer VPN into my office (just using a Windows 8.1 VPN).

Telstra support have been useless.

I can see settings have been changed on the TG782T recently - I guess some tech inside Bigpond has dialled into the modem/router and adjusted settings thinkng it would have no impact.

The connections now show "internet" as diabled and a new thing called IPoEDSL as enabled.

Also I had set OpenDNS as the DNS servers and it has been reset back to bigpond's DNS servers.


Anyone know what exactly the change to IPoEDSL is?

And why would I no longer be able to create a VPN?


Would love some help.

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