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Bizzare Connection Issue

Since upgrading our three laptops to Microsoft's new Windows 8.1 (from Microsoft Windows 8), we've had problems with our home broadband (ADSL)... Two of these computers were upgrades, one was a clean install and immediate upgrade due to unrelated problems.


See, what happens is on login we'll be able to use the Internet for 10-30 minutes (albeit slow, though this is not out of the ordinary in the Top End), then the Internet will simply stop working...


That doesn't sound all that strange, right?


Check this out – Windows 8.1 reports that we are connected to a network with Internet access, and my modem/router also claims that the Internet is available (both via the lights, and via the Web-based control panel)... But nothing works!


On top of this, the issue seems to occur regardless of whether we're using a wired (ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, it does not seem to be present in Ubuntu (Linux) or when different (also Telstra-branded) modem/routers are used.


When the Internet is working, certain sites will work, whilst others will not (the sites that do/don't work are inconsistent, so it's pointless naming them)...


And just for good measure, our wireless (Wi-Fi) devices – that is Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation Vitas, Sony Xperia Zs and Sony Tablet S – seem to work fine over a wireless connection (with the exception being the Sony PlayStation 3, which is connected by ethernet).


My thoughts initially were that it was a Windows 8.1 issue (not that I have a logical explanation for this)... But before I “broke” Ubuntu (Linux)(unrelated, though unresolved as yet), it seemed to experience the same issues.


As explained above, I've tried alternate modems, I've tried turning our third-party firewall off (including Windows Defender and Windows 8.1's built-in firewall) and loads of other stuff... We had the Telstra tech out today and still no luck.


I've run out of ideas and Telstra are, well, Telstra (read “no help”)(well, their foreign call center at least).


I'm expecting to hear back from Telstra tomorrow and more technicians will probably come out...


Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Bizzare Connection Issue



Try changing your DNS settings manually (ie take them off automatic).  Microsoft has introduced a bug into Windows 8.1 by changing the way it handles DNS lookups and this causes it to fail.  Only seems to be affecting the Technicolor modems at this moment.  There are other threads on in Crowdsupport that have also reported this problem.


Apparently Microsoft are looking into it.

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