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Booked to connect line, didnt turn up, no answers, no callbacks

Below is my log from Google Keep, it contains a summary of my correspondence so far. On 23/10 my request to move my server was denied, as Cable is not available in my new estate. I received a phone call and was simply advised to contact the 'saves' team and was provided with a phone number by both SMS and email.


Rang the supplied number on 27/10, explained the situation, Daniel from Adelaide advised me that the number I called is for 'cancellations' though was very helpful and confirmed that I would be able to receive ADSL in the new estate. Discussed plans and options with him and eventually commited to a new 24 month term with Telstra.


Booked technician to come and connect the phone line on 30/10 10am-2pm, with the expectation to have the ADSL service activated by 6/11. He said if I have any issues I will be able to hit the 'get back in touch' button on the emails I will receive shortly. Received enquiry & order confirmation emails with 'get back in touch' button.


Below is my log so far;


30/10, phone line connection booked for 10am-2pm, arrive at the house 9am and wait at house all day...

30/10 4:00pm, no technician arrived on site, attempted to use 'get back in touch' button but had issues due to poor mobile coverage.

30/10 4:05pm, called Telstra, spoke to rep, rep not sure whats going on and needs to investigate further, put me on hold for 20 minutes, upon returning told me she will connect me with someone else who will assist further, and that they are in orders and provisioning.


New rep (Fujaca I think) asked if I was inquiring about why my order was on hold? I explained that nobody has told me anything yet, let alone about my order being put on hold? She confirmed the service delivery address, my contact details and advised me that it will need to be handed to my case manager who can advise me further on the situation.


She attempted to contact my case manager, but got their voicemail, she said that she will get in contact with the case manager and I will get a call back 1-2 hours and asked if a call outside business hours was OK. I prompted her to re-iterate the time, and she reassured me I will definitely get a call in 1-2 hours.

Total call time; 29mins 10seconds.

30/10 7:17PM, called Telstra, spoke to rep (May), briefly explained situation (again), confirmed my identity and was put on hold for another 20 minutes, eventually came back and asked if my case manager had contacted me!? 

I explained again that I had received no call back as promised in previous call. May explained that the order status is on hold, phone cabling not connected to the property, but is unable to explain further and I need to speak to my case manager.

May said that she would make a note on my file that I am unhappy with the service so far and will pass that onto my case manager. May will refer the matter to my case manager and I should get a call back within a day.

May said she would send me an email regarding our conversation, the email would have a 'get back in touch' button so I could contact her directly, she asked if I know the employee ID of my case manager, I told her I do not and asked her to include this in the email, she said OK she would put it in the email. I never received an email.

Total call time; 34mins 43 seconds.

31/10 3:00pm, Attempted to use 'get back in touch' button from original email I received when I placed the order on 27/10, says my 'request has been used before'. Unable to request a call back.



31/10 5:40pm Lyn (callback, though I have not spoken to her before..)
Had to run through and explain entire situation again for Lyn, confirmed my identity, she attempted to confirm my plan, quoting incorrect details (200gb, but i ordered 500gb, concerning under the circumstances).

Lyn looked for notes and found notes from the 'held team?' and says it says something about line connection on 3rd November. I reiterated that the line connection was booked for 30/10 and has lapsed.Does not know why I have not received any contact with my case manager, and cannot explain why I have had no callbacks until now.

On hold while Lyn contacts the 'held team?' to try and get clarification on the situation...

Lyn spoke to held team, says I will get a call from my 'case manager' who the held team were able to contact, and received a reply from... that I should get a call in a few minutes.


This time I did receive an email with reference number from Lyn, which I thanked her for being the first since initially placing my order.


Total call time; 19mins 8 seconds



31/10 7:07pm Case manager finally called, says there was an issue with a cable somewhere, I asked why I was not contacted and left waiting the entire day for the tech and/or a call. She apologised however gave no explanation as to why they could not notify me when it was discovered they could not connect the service.

Now wants to book the line connection for the 7th November, which is after the proposed ADSL activation date, I am not sure what I will do as I will need internet access from the 9th for work purposes.


Total call time; 11 minutes 5 seconds

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Booked to connect line, didnt turn up, no answers, no callbacks

Hi Shellite, 


Apologise for the very poor experience, follow up and clear information should be provided. 

In regards to the new appointment time this would be the soonest available, so there may be nothing that can be done in regards to that, however your case manager should be able to offer some type of resolution due to the delay.

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