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Broad Band / ADSL / ADSL 2 / Broadband off net options????

Hi Telstra Team


I know for a fact that my surrounding neighbours have either ADSL/ADSL2/ or cable or other.


Initially the comments from Telstra team were: "We cant help you because have no active phone line". So i signed up with Telstra for a phone line for 3 months.


Then the comments varied, and I have tried several avenues to get this connection with but keep getting fobbed around by different Telstra help teams.


Optus cannot help me because Telstra own the local area lines.


TPG have commented :

Telstra has identified that your nominated phone line has incompatible
infrastructure - "Pair Gains System/RIM" and is incompatible with ADSL. In
order for TPG to deliver an ADSL service, we will need to organise the removal
of "Pair Gains System/RIM"


Plenty of people near by are moving houses so i would assume some ports would free up.


Curently iam using a Telstra Mobile Broad band + Telstra Mobile and now revisiting my options with this for internet usage.


Can you please help with what are my options for a better internet solution?




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Re: Broad Band / ADSL / ADSL 2 / Broadband off net options????

You need to ring Telstra and ask to be taken off the Pair Gain/RIM as you want to be able to get ADSL. This is your first problem.  Your next problem will be port availablity.  You will not find out if a port is available until your line is capable of an ADSL connection.

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Re: Broad Band / ADSL / ADSL 2 / Broadband off net options????

So why is it that Telstra couldnt tell me this information and it had to come from TPG ???

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Re: Broad Band / ADSL / ADSL 2 / Broadband off net options????

TElstra team - any feed back here?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Broad Band / ADSL / ADSL 2 / Broadband off net options????

Hey Skuzy,

Essentially if you have received a knockback from TPG about installing ADSL there then it's not just because of Pair Gains, it because there isn't a way to remove you from Pair Gains. If you apply for ADSL, and there is a way of removing the technology that's incompatible with ADSL (which we generally call Pair Gains), then that is done as part of the ADSL provisioning. The same thing happens whether you apply with Telstra or with another provider who wholesales the line from us. Sorry mate.


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