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Broadband connection choppy for 6 months - Telstra overseas support is beyond terrible!

Basically my connection goes down intermittently and has done so for the last six months. I lived with it for a while re-setting the pc, laptop, phone and the router. Sometimes it would go down for 5 minutes other times a whole afternoon or night.


Eventually I rang their overseas support in Manila which I am not happy about as I am an Australian customer paying Australian dollars to an Australian company so I expect local support... that or reduce my bill and pass on the savings! What annoys me about Manila is these guys have this cultural idea that be being super polite and constantly calling me sir and aplogising that it will fix my problem... also they dont use common sense like we do and they only follow written processes step by step an example would be insteaf of just escalating to a 2nd or 3rd level based on the discussion they will still run through the basic tests even though you can explain to them its pointless. 


Anyways after days of pulling my hair out trying to get them to understand I get some manager to call me back (on a local number by the way, which I think is fraudulent...) she sends me a new router FOC and credits my account. 


Install the new router and all seems fine. WIthin a week or two same issues.


Call them again last week, the guy wants me to do some tests, I cant because I am at work so he sends me a link, couple days later I have time and I click it for a call back... no call back. Day later (today) I click the link again and begin to wait. I get frustrated waiting so I call their tech support myself. I get through and they hang up on me! 


A few seconds later they ring my phone. I go through the motions with someone from billing, she puts me through to someone in tech support. I explain everything from start to finish, she wants to know the model number of the router and whether or not im using a D-Link which she should know because they are the ones that sent me the router and they know I am using a D-link because I have a home phone with them anyways... I disconnect while my Mr's is skyping with her sister overseas, jumpt through the typical Manila hoops, she puts me on hold, tells me it's my fault because I should be re-setting my router daily, I tell her I am not a moron and that I dont need to re-set my router daily and if that was the case i'd go for a dial up conection! 20 minutes later she says she will escalate to a 2nd level and they will call me back then she does the typical Philipino dodgy by telling me I can hold to complete a short survey of their service and off course she doesnt hang up which I noticed is a tactic of theirs when they know they will be given a bad survey result (they did this exact thing last time) they dont hang up hoping the customer hangs up first therefore ensuring to selectively push for good survey results and so this time, what does she do after I refuse to hang up, she waits and waits and waits and then she hangs up herself and no survey option. I assume they have another work around like maybe the survey is based on a manual timer or on a separte line which she listens to then once the message is gone she can safely hang up....pathetic.


Oh and by the way she threatened me with charges even though they admitted to me several times last time I spoke with them that the connections in my area have been choppy as they upgrade to NBN and we are all currenly on a hybrid connection... 


In other words 6 months of choppy Internet and they expect me to pay for it all. I've been sworn at in Philipino by one of them last time as I had them on speaker and my work colleaugue who is also Philpino told me the agent called me a son of  a bitch as she hung up the phone when I questioned her as to why she was waiting for me to hang up so that I wouldnt get to do the survey.


I either expect the technical issue fixed or I shouldnt have to pay for my service for the entire time they upgrade it.


This by the way is coming from someone who has considered switching our mobiles to Telstra and also looking into some kind of entertainment bundle with Foxtel, Netflix of Stan via a Telstra service...

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Re: Broadband connection choppy for 6 months - Telstra overseas support is beyond terrible!

Hi StoneAge, 
I understand that it feels like a waste of time and is frustrating to go through multiple hoops and a scripted checklist with our tech support specialist but the uniform approach makes sure nothing gets ignored or missed.
Next time you are having internet difficulties I would suggest using the following online tool: 
If you need further assistance after completing those steps, it will provide a reference number that you can give to the Tech Support consultant when you call on 133 933 or use Live Chat ( This reference number will allow the consultant to skip those steps that you have already completed so that they do not need to be repeated.
If you are still unhappy with the service that you have received your next step would be to lodge a complaint with us.  A case manager will be assigned to your complaint and work with you to get a resolution.  

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Re: Broadband connection choppy for 6 months - Telstra overseas support is beyond terrible!

I have been getting texts saying that my phone Internet data and all will not be touch while everything is down and my phone calls are not coming through at all i can barely use my internet yet all my data is gone... i want a answer or my credit refunded.... this is dumb dont tell me my data will be there and then when i can finally check it all of it is gone.... wont somwthing done about ot

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