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broadband drop out

As with many subscriber complaints, my tethered mobile to act as modem is experiencing drop out, none connection, cannot find DNS of most sites, stalling and lock out. Sounds like it's got Covid 19. This has been deteriating progressively on my PC to the point of being unusable. I've changed three USB cables, rebooted phone and PC a few times. Disconnected/,reconnections many times, shaken it abused it and almost given up. Is it Google Chrome which also has connection issues but, it does the same with Microsoft Edge. Is it my mobile phone, it can't be, I tried my wife's phone and still have the same problem. After activating a Google Chrome test on My windows 10 PC, the test reverted to Windows 8. The test came back as incompatible. I wonder why.

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Re: broadband drop out

Have you tried  Ookla speedtest from on device using you tethered phone?


Have you tried that from the phone itself directly using 4G?


Has this just started happening, or is a long term, on-going problem?


What sort of phones are they? Any recent updates to devices about the time that this behaviour started?


You are connecting to the PC by USB?


Have you tried using the phone as a hotspot and connecting by Wi-Fi?


Do you have, or know any one with, a USB 4G dongle you could try?


If both phones are having the same issue, then the 4G connections you have, might be to a tower with high use/congestion. It is hard to diagnose remotely, so some some troubleshooting steps by you, might provide some clues. The aim is to firstly identify where the problem is happening, for example is it upstream through the 4G network, from you device, the device itself, or downstream from the phone to your PC? What's the common factor  your mobiles or the PC itself?






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