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Broadband free data top up not working on 1 January

I used up all 3 free data top ups for 2016. Data ran out on 31st Dec.  

I hoped to get 3 more free top ups after midnight on 1 Jan in the New Year, but Telstra still says my data for year is used up.

It does not seem to acknowledge that we are now in a New Year.

Can I do anything NOW.


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Re: Broadband free data top up not working on 1 January

Me too.


However I used Telstra online broadband trouble shooter, its on their website somewhere!


Trouble shooter result was my broadband service was ok, but slowed for exceeding useage limit. It offerer me a resolution of staying slowed till next billing period, changing plans, or recieving a free data top up.


I ticked free top up, which it said will take up to 30mins to be available to use.


I am hoping it should be ready to use in soon, its about 10 mins since I ordered free top up.

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