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Broadband internet connection terrible



The telstra internet connection has been terrible this last couple of days. What is going on with service? I work from home and require constant internet and today I cannot even use Telstra it is so bad and continues to drop out. And before you tell me to power cycle my modem - done that and it hasn't helped.


Hope to hear from someone soon as been on hold on the phone for 17mins already.



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Re: Broadband internet connection terrible

I have the same issue, my internet drops out every 10min or soo and is getting more and more frequent then usual


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Re: Broadband internet connection terrible

I spoke with Telstra and they believe there is no connection fault. It is probably the cheaper models of modem/routers provided. Can't win with telco's. Smiley Happy

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Broadband internet connection terrible

Hi Guys


Welcome to CrowdSupport. The issue may/may not be modem related, the best way to confirm it is by trying a different modem on the line. A temporary borrowed one is fine before you decide on buying one. If no joy best to try an Isolation test(for Adsl services) as detailed here: to help us narrow down the cause if one exists with equipment on the premises.


If no joy try changing the line profile as that's quite helpful in reducing disconnections, this link provides more info on that:


Let us know how you go with the above.



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