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Broadband NBN not working and no help available.

Having trouble with Telstra/NBN not working properly. Received message that Telstra have 'identified a fault' but when I ask for help and waste a lot of time nothing constructive happens. I have gone thru 6 different forms of 'help' sessions from India and Phillipines with no change or improvement whatsoever. I have been threatened with a "Stability Profile" ??????? We are FTTN apparently. Seemed to be working fine for many months but suddenly collapsed in a heap.....neighbours systems that run from the same hole-in-the-ground are OK so my guess is a failed modem. 

Put in a complaint, which will take days to answer, but still can't get what I'm being charged dropped out while on an online appointment with Doctor.

Don't know what to do to get things going any Ideas please

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