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Broadband Speeds (ADSL, Cable, NBN and Velocity)

I have been experiencing faults in Weipa with my broadband mainly relating to the speeds of my broadband service. its mostly experienced during the hours that people come home from work or around the time school finishes. right up until about 11pm. i spent well over an hour on the phone to telstra this evening only to be hand balled between departments with each one claiming it was not a fault they deal with.  i ended up being put onto Residential faults department and they told me i had a fault with my line and that i would need a technician to come out and inspect it for a charge of $140. this all seems a bit ridiculous to me.  Loyal telstra customer from when i purchased my first phone up until now. after this and all the outages that the mobile network has been experiencing you could say my loyalty  is really being tested.




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Re: Broadband Speeds (ADSL, Cable, NBN and Velocity)

There should not be a charge for a technician on a line fault. They do however have a, false call out, charge things which applies if the fault is with your own equipment and not with Telstra's line...

So if say you phone isn't working because the physical phone is faulty, or the internet isn't working because you didn't have it connected to the computer... the sort of human error issues.

If you are having troubles getting a fault fixed by the faults team, I would suggest lodging a complaint here: and they will work with the faults team and yourself to get it worked on.
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