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Broadband Speeds (ADSL, Cable, NBN and Velocity)

I have been phoned by Telstra today telling me I must go to NBN in the next few weeks, although I must continue to pay for my cable, and that the NBN will be slower than my current speed. 


Further, they have since emailed saying "thank you for choosing".  I did not choose. They said on the phone that I had no choice.


Further, my neighbour has a letter stating NBN cables will not be installed in our street before October.  So why am I being forced to go onto something that won't exist for several more months?


I am very concerned that they will force me to go onto NBN in next 2 weeks and that the service will not exist for another 5 months!


Telstra, you are misleading and deceptive.

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Support Team

Re: Broadband Speeds (ADSL, Cable, NBN and Velocity)

Hello Dette72 It sounds like there's a little confusion about what the switch to NBN means and how this works, I can clear some of that up for you. 


1. You do not need to keep paying for your cable once you've connected to NBN

2. You do not have to switch to NBN until the forced close date which will be up to 18 month after NBN becomes enabled in your area. 

3. You do not have a choice to change to NBN, but as advised you have 18 months from when NBN becomes active before your cable service is closed.

4. You will not be forced to switch to NBN before it is active and ready. 


Telstra is not misleading or deceptive, if you've had a poor experience with an individual consultant I apologise. All the information you need about NBN and the switch is freely and openly made available on our website:  I hope that clarifies. 

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