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Broadband speeds - Braidwood NSW

We're looking at renting a property whilst building a house.  One option is 9km out of Braidwood, near the Kings Highway toward Batemans Bay.  I will need a good internet connection for my work.  The only NBN option is SkyMuster (satellite) however ADSL (2plus?) is also available.  No information given on likely ADSL speeds at this property.  Does anyone have experience with broadband speeds around Braidwood - both ADSL and SkyMuster?  

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Re: Broadband speeds - Braidwood NSW

I’m not from that area, so can’t help you with specifics. But looking at the Telsra coverage maps (https://www.telstra.com.au/coverage-networks/our-coverage) Braidwood area is predicted to have indoor 4G coverage. You can get over 100Mbps with good 4G coverage, If you are after a good connection, then mobile broadband can be a lot faster than satellite and ADSL2+. for example I get over 150Mbps on Telstra 4G in Metro Melbourne where I live.


If you already have a Telstra SIM go near the rental property and do an internet speedtest (https://www.speedtest.net/). Otherwise buy a cheap pre-paid SIM. That’s the best way to know what sort of speeds you can expect on 4G, because 4G speeds can vary a lot depending on the location.

I’m not affiliated with Telstra, just another Telstra customer lurking the forum.
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Re: Broadband speeds - Braidwood NSW

As ADSL is highly dependent on the distance from the exchange, giving a speed estimate is not possible.


Skymuster is not offered by Telstra, but they are limited to NBN25 speeds (25/5 - guaranteed to be able to hit those speeds at least once per day) which are usually between 5Mbps and 25Mbps download speeds. The other problem with SkyMuster is the data allowances. NBN Co only sells wholesale plans to retailers up to 150GB per month (the connection is then shaped to 512/256kbps).

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