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Broadband Update?

Noticed this morning that my modem had rebooted overnight and the Modem is now showing as Version Egyptian Blue (20.3.c)

Is this OK?

Can't get an answer at Telstra.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Broadband Update?

This is normal. Telstra modem's periodically check for updates and when one is available the modem downloads  the firmware update and then reboots usually overnight to install the update.


From my observations this firmware update.

  • Updates modems USB port to SMB2
  • Removes Telstra Air
  • Fixes a bug with the DSL stats
  • Adds option for selecting LAN port for WOL
  • Removes option for disconnecting main link in modem's GUI
  • Fixes some WiFi issues with some connected devices.
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Re: Broadband Update?

Thanks for that. 

Telstra Air is now dead and buried is it?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Broadband Update?

On home broadband services, yes. It basically only exists at Pink Public Telephones.

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Re: Broadband Update?

My NBN modem has recently updated it's firmware to Version Egyptian Blue (20.3.c), the previous version was Champagne. This is the second time it has been rolled out,it was originally released a few weeks ago but rolled back to Champagne within a few days.


The Wireless Client Monitor has a bug in that the Data Rate is incorrectly reporting the PHY Rate.

Previously you could see the device actual data rate throughput in Kbps or Mbps.

I liked the older version as I could assess whether the kids were actually doing homework or watching Youtube..


It is also very slow to load pages when navigating through the different sections. PLEASE bring back Champagne.

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