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Broadband upgrade

I have BigPond® Broadband Unlimited Standard Speed - Cable with unlimited bandwidth, ~50mbs download and 4mbs upload. How do I get faster speeds if NBN is not in the area (note: I initially tried to invoke the Speed boost function but that didn't work)?


I have just spend a frustrating three hours over two days going through a process where Telstra offered a package change which came with a free home phone but the net cost increase ($89 package + $20 speed boost) was slightly more expensive than my current broadband charge ($99.95). I gave the go ahead under the understanding that i) I would be using the current modem, ii) there were no minimum contract periods, and iii) I would not be using nor needed a home phone. No other fees were spoken of. Then I get an email entitled 'Here's an estimate for your order' with a $99 charge for phone installation. Today I received a text message about my appointment to have my phone line installed!! After several attempts to get resolved over the Online Chat, I called Telstra's overseas call centre and managed only to get the order cancelled. 


Three hours of my time I shall never get back! An opportunity lost by Telstra to charge me more. A very bad taste in my mouth and a strong inkling to want to move all of my business to another carrier. Having spent 20 years in telco overseas, Telstra's customer experience is awful. I would love to help them run their business better!

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Re: Broadband upgrade

Id reconmend raising a complaint to get this sorted. You can raise a complaint here
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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Broadband upgrade

Hi GDogz,

I'm sorry to read you've had such a poor experience, it's not what we want for you at all. It's disappointing that you felt the only option was to cancel the order. 

You could call through on 132200 to discuss further, or as suggested by '343GuiltySpark' you could place a formal complaint on the matter. 

If you need further advice let me know.


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Re: Broadband upgrade

The best internet service that Telstra sell is their own Mobile Broadband, which Telstra themselves own and operate. It's not the cheapest, but it's the best by far.
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