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Broadband Usage Meter Not working by My Bigpond is tracking a large lump of usage

My Telstra.com broadband usage has been showing 0GB usage for 2 months now. When I go to MyBigpond, it is showing an accumulating big lump of usage of over 270GB and it grows as each day passes.


It looks to me that my usage is recorded but no rating has been applied. This lump of usage has been accumulting for 2 months now and is shown as "unrated" usage and it moves from day to day.


My concern is that when the "rating" engine sudden wakes up and I may end up with a huge usage recorded on one single day. If it accumulates to over 500GB (my plan quota) and suddenly appears on my account, my connection will be slowed down incorrectly.


I am not bothering to raise a call with Bigpond as going through level 1 will probably be taking me a whole day's work and I don't have that kind of time.


I hope that someone from Telstra on the forum can pick this up and I can provide further details for investigation.


Thank you!


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Re: Broadband Usage Meter Not working by My Bigpond is tracking a large lump of usage

Hi fatboyw, 


Thanks for using Crowd Support. We can't access accounts here sorry.  Please call Telstra Technical Support team on 133 933 so we can check on the usage meter and make sure usage is recorded correctly. We also have live chat here  http://tel.st/gq6m



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Re: Broadband Usage Meter Not working by My Bigpond is tracking a large lump of usage

Hello Iain_T,


Thank you for your suggestion. Let me point out the following:

- I tried online chat. After they checked, they said "thanks for waiting Stephen, checked your data usage as well, and i'm not seeing it as well, I suggest that you call us our Cable team at 133 933 for full support". Now, I don't need them to check and just tell me to call another number because I know the problem already - so waste of time using chat.

- I called the number and was told that the problem cannot be resovled over the phone and needs to be escalated.


So, why the chat team could not escalate? If chat is an alternative support channel, it is not working as such. Please do not tell people to use chat in such case.


Also, when I called the number, I was asked for the phone number attached to the broadband account - ok, no issue. When someone answered my call, I was asked the same question again. The agent said that the previous one was for the IVR. So, why did I even bother typing in the phone number.


Anyway, I am now waiting for the other team to investigate and expect a callback within 3-5 days.

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Re: Broadband Usage Meter Not working by My Bigpond is tracking a large lump of usage

I am in total sympaty with "Fatboyw" , but you really do need to understand you are working with many of the most dysfunctionmal, silorated, arrogant, dissconnected, beurocratic, organisations that operate in and outside (Call/Chat centre) of Australia.

My internet usage is now 4 days behind in updataing, it is now 18-09-2017, data usage last updated 13-09-2017.


Now.......if you expect "Telstra" with all the resources, money, people, and bs they vomere, to answer that mind boggling complex question, then I do feel you, me, and the hundreds of thousands of dysaffected subscribers vote with our wallets, and go somewhere that WILL actually care and assist!


Ongoing, unfortunately contracted user.......but not for long.


Oh, and btw, I bet that 3-5 day wait was fun!


Good luck Fatboyw

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