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Bungled NBN Migration Order

I am currently on an entertainment bundle (Home Phone, HFC Internet, Foxtel from Telstra (FFT)).  In August I initiated an Order via My Account to via Change Bundle to an NBN Internet Only plan as I don't need the FFT and definately don't need the redundant home line .  My initial NBN cutover was scheduled for Sept 23rd 2020.  I received an SMS to state my NBN Migration had been pushed back to Nov 5th a few days ago.  I just viewed my latest bill for period ending Sep 2nd to find my entertainment bundle had been broken.  The net effect of this was I still got charged for my Bundle for the month (which is an in arrears charge)  and in addition I got charged an extra $50+ for FFT ($25 in arrears and $25 in advance).  I contacted Telstra an amazingly found a way to talk to a person because this is an Bill dispute.  This was an extremely frustrating 1+ hours before I was able to get a credit to offset the FFT for that month.  When I asked what will happen to FFT next month I was told I would again be charged separately for FFT in addition to the full cost of the Bundle event though it has now been broken into its individual service components ???????

So I cancelled my FFT as I cannot afford to pay for this additional service.  I then raised the question about the HFC internet service which is still linked to the original Bundle price although now only including (Internet and home line) with the FFT dropped off.  There is a $20 difference between the bundle cost (~$110/m) and the cost of the Internet.  I wanted to receive at the minimum the HFC internet at the current Internet cost - $90 for unlimited.  The consultant advised I cannot do this as I have an existing NBN order.  This is a circular problem and I now will be calling Telstra again to at least get a credit for the difference.  This is a ridiculous situation and as a long time supporter and past employee of Telstra I am shocked at how terribly this migration has been handled, especially given it has all been done using My Account which is Telstra's preferred channel.  So not only have I lost my NBN migration spot, which I was relying on because I do not currently have a reliable HFC Internet service, but I am being charged additionally for services for no apparent reason.  Can anybody explain or elaborate on what is happening here?  Is this a typical HFC to NBN migration experience?

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