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Cable accidentally cut - what to do

I was fixing up the retic in my house, working on the area in front of the letterbox (also known as the verge) between my house and the street. I am in Perth. Under the council rules, I am allowed to install retic sprinklers to the part of my house which is before the letterbox (i.e. the road verge). The council rules say that my retic must be installed between 150mm and 300mm depth to avoid hitting other services.


I have done a Dial-Before-You-Dig and the Telstra plans say that there is a P35 conduit connecting between the pits and there are 8 x OC (other carrier) cables in that conduit. So I was watching out for any conduit so that I don't accidentally damage it.


While I was digging I came across this black cable which looks like an old multicore phone cabling. As this cable is buried around 250mm, I have accidentally hit it with the shovel and I believed I accidentally cut several strands of the mutlcore able.


I am now very worried if I actually damage a live cable. Could anyone please tell me if this cable could have been an old legacy Telstra cable that has been made dead after NBN move into the area? Dial Before you dig says the cables are in conduit. The cable I saw is direct buried. Not sure why the cables are in direct buried when Dial Before you Dig says the cables are in conduit...


What should I do? Do i call Telstra or NBN. 



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Re: Cable accidentally cut - what to do

You might be liable for pretty expensive repair...

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for Telstra or any other ISP. I never did. I have wealth of practical knowledge in Computer Security and Forensic Computing. I have been in the field since 1985.

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Re: Cable accidentally cut - what to do

Call Telstra. They will arrange for someone to come out and inspect the damage and determine if it is an active cable or not.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

Re: Cable accidentally cut - what to do

@Sleepless  You could also call an ACMA licenced electrician to check the cable 

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Re: Cable accidentally cut - what to do

very very quielty replace the turf and run away.......


No, serously.

Ensure there is no ongoing danger.

Keep a copy of the dial before you dig report and the council recomendations.

Sounds like you were doing the right thing. An unprotected cable in an unregisterd place is asking for trouble.


Isnt all the local copper now owned by the nbn?

If you are not having any luck you could try the local council for helpful advice.


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Re: Cable accidentally cut - what to do

I have contacted Telstra this morning and they say they will dispatch someone to have a look. I did ask why would the cable be in direct buried when these should have been in the P35 conduit as per Dial Before you Dig drawing..they say the cables might be a redundant cable and the only way they can be sure is to inspect the cables first.


I think I have taken all the necessary steps in trenching the retic. The cables look exactly like a black polypipe which I am trenching to remove so it was really an accidental damage which I have no intention of causing.


If it is a live cable that I damage, what sort of repair bills should i be looking at....quite worried now.

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Re: Cable accidentally cut - what to do

I should clarify...I didn't cut the "entire" cable. I damaged the skin/sheath of the cable and cut some copper strands within the cable. The cable is still relatively intact apart from what I just described...still it is an accidental cut I understand that. But it was unintentional.



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