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Cable Activation delay

Hi there everyone,


I moved into my new house with my Fiance on Saturday 23rd March and decided to get the ball rolling on our home bundle on Wednesday 20th March to place our order through bigpond/telstra (200Gb Cable/Foxtel/home phone). Asked on the phone when ordering how long until we are online as I work in IT and need to have internet to be able to log in to the site to work from home. I was told 3-5 business days and all would be working.


So order was placed on the 20th, received our Modem on Friday 22nd (for self install, all cabling to the house is there), all looking good. Installed our modem and went to activate it at the end of the install, and i get an error message saying that our order is still being processed.


Ok, try again over the weekend and still same thing, rang customer and tech support a few times to get an answer or explanation and the first few times got me no-where, but then eventually was told that our order is still being provisioned and is waiting to be completed (why?). Was told someone from the activations or relevant team would contact me within 48 hours to let me know what is happening and when to expect it to be connected.


That is now at 6 business days since that call and still havent been contacted by anyone. I had to go and buy a flaky mobile 3G connection (not in a 4G area) from another provider for fear of the same thing happening so that I could connect to work (which is painful at best and taking me 3 times as long to work), so i am now more out of pocket than necessary.


This is getting beyond a joke and i still don't have a date/time when i can expect my account to be activated.

Meanwhile through all of this, Foxtel technician came out to the house on a public holiday to install our IQ and it is working fine.


Anyone else experiencing this same thing? I'm not happy to say the least and want this resolved and activated.

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Re: Cable Activation delay

I have been trying to get cable activated at new address for about 4 weeks. I am existing Bigpond cable customer (10 years no problems) and moved to new flat where existing cable used by previous occupant. They seem incapable of activating my account at new address, or explaining why or when it may be fixed. My order is still "in progress". I have given up talking to them. I lodged an official complaint with Telstra last week. Next week I will odge a complaint with TIO (Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman).

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Re: Cable Activation delay

It just makes no sense to me. I've been told that it is a matter of just manually associating our supplied modems with our account and then we are away.


Why haven't Telstra created a special team just to deal with this so that when customers call through, they are put in touch with them straight away to be activated??


It is poor problem management. Needs to be better Telstra.


3 times now i have been told that a representative will be in touch with me within 48hours and nothing. But as soon as i mentioned that i wanted my appointment for a technician to activate my home phone changed, i got an instant call back.


I Don't care about the home phone, the only reason i got it is because it was cheaper to have it bundled that way.

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Re: Cable Activation delay

I'm also in the same boat. My modem stopped working so I waited a week for a new one. The technician came out, plugged it in and we registered it. He told me to wait an hour and then I would be able to use the internet. That hour has turned into 10 days. 


Everytime I enter a webpage to check if I'm online yet, I get the same registration page. I have called Testra a dozen times, been on their facebook page and no one can give me an answer as to when I will have internet access. Some consultants have told me my order is provisoining whilst others have said it is in an activation queue with a backlog of others. I was told someone from the activations team would contact me but no one has bothered. The customer service is appalling. 


My vodafone iphone bill went up $100 becasue we have been using that to access the internet and yesterday we had to purchase a wifi device just so my daughters and husband can use the internet for their homework assignments and work. 


I made a complaint today but trusting Telstra they will probably take no notice. All I want to know is when I will have internet access. It is extremely frustrating. 

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Re: Cable Activation delay

Well here is how yesterday afternoon went.


Rang up 13 POND again and talked to a consultant. Told them i know what is going on, i know what you guys need to do so can you just talk to the activations team and get it sorted now for me.


The girl looked up the account, talked to the team and then came back and said that the escalation i had (i've had 3 now) was rejected because the consultant didnt include the MAC address of the modem (which i have given 3 times now). 


So quite annoyed at the situation i said fine, i'll give you the MAC address again now and you can go back to them and get it activated manually for me now. She said ok i'll get back to them, i may have to put you on hold for a while as that team has a long wait time, but i will ring you back. Again i said ok, i will wait on the line as long as i can but are you sure you will call me back tonight. She said yes, i will ring you back within the hour. OK, not hopeful i held on the line and listened to some relaxing Jazz which i know off by heart by now!


then my call dropped for some reason. and................still waiting for a call back!


Will try again today and see what happens this time!

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Re: Cable Activation delay

I just spoke to someone about my activation just then. I have been waiting for two weeks. Last Thursday I called a consultant who said my case was with a level 2 consultant 'as we speak'. On Tuesday I still had no access so called again. I got absolutely nowhere so lodged a complaint. 


This morning I tried my internet again with baited breath - nothing, same old registration page again. So I just called 13 POND again. The consultant told me my activation had been escaluated on the 2nd and 3rd April and the order needs to be manually pushed. I was told that I should have internet access tomorrow. Ha - we shall see. 


I am really tired of this, it is absolutely pathetic service from Telstra. I have managed to get a months credit from one consultant  for the internet access I haven't had. Once I receive a complaint number (apparently this should have taken one day to generate but I am still waiting) I will be taking this to the Telecommunications Ombudsman. Everyone who has had this problem should demand credits on their next Telstra bill - maybe Telstra would get their act together if they lose revenue. 



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Re: Cable Activation delay

Just got off the phone from bigpond again, and they have lost my MAC address for the 4th time!! WOW!


How is that possible?? I was told that all 3 of my escalations were rejected because of a lack of information, specifically the MAC address. How hard is it bigpond?? really!!


So now the consultant has booked a time to ring me this afternoon when i will be home. Yeah right, as if i'm falling for that again!!!!

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Re: Cable Activation delay

I just unplugged my modem, waited five minutes and plugged it in again and oh my gosh a miracle - internet access! It's only been three weeks. 


When I called Telstra this morning, the consultant kept saying how she could see my complaint and that the matter  had been taken up by somebody in that department so maybe that helped escalate things. The address is www.telstra.com.au/help/contact/complaints/


Good luck everybody. I know how frustrating this is. 

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Re: Cable Activation delay

still waiting!


Apparently my escalation has been passed on to the backend team and am waiting for a call or text from them to say something. i'm guessing something like, wait another 2 weeks, or you have to start all over again.


Sick of this. It needs to be better Bigpond. not good enough.

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Re: Cable Activation delay



I finally received an SMS from Telstra saying they are having a technical problem with my account and they are working to fix it. Only a week and a half late!!


hmmm, is that light? or is it a Train???

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