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Cable Activation Problem/Delays

Okay, I ordered the ELite Bundel with 200gb and home phone

I had so many delays regarding my order which was placed on 8-04-2013

Netgear Modem Router was recieved last 18-04-2013---which i was told it would be delivered within 5-7 working days

was surprised they havent sent the router YET when i kept on calling and checking up my order it was sent on the 16-04-2013 when a staff actually knew what was going on.

So the problem continues, there was no problem on my phone line BUT my cable is taking a long time. Im surprised there

was a problem on my BIGPOND Cable Account, modem is working fine but im stuck at Captive Portal when it asks me to enter my BigPond Cable Account. always comes out with an error saying the details are wrong the details were clearly sent to my email. Staff tried resetting my password but could not as ther was "something wrong" with my order and it is still in provision. I was promised the internet would work fast and fine when i ordered Maximum of 7 days. So i would like to know how long till I get a BigPond Cable Account so i can activate my Cable and Complete my order.  Can someone please help me or explain to me what is clearly going on with my account?

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Re: Cable Activation Problem/Delays

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See this


Let us know how you get on Smiley Happy

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