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Cable activation

I am looking for some resolutuion on  the install of my cable. I am an bigpond customer with ADSL2+ and decided to switch to cable after i discovered it was available in my new residence. The technician came to my apartment on the 26/10/12 to install the cable, however wasn't able to access the box to check what was connected, so cam back on monday to do the install. While doing the install, he said there was an issue with the activation because of the date difference, he made a call , and told me it was all sorted. I was at work at the time of the install, my wife was home. I rang telstra immediately after to confirm my account was activated and got the ''100% I GAURANTEE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE INTERNET'' line. I was not able too, i waited till yesterday afternoon, and escalated the call, going through 3 hours of calls with activations, tech support from the phillipines, who seem none of them understand the product they are trying to sell. i have been told my cable will be online in 10 DAYS!!, 24 HOURS, 48 HOURS, ITS ALREADY ONLINE, ITS A TECH SUPPORT PROBLEM, ITS AN ACTIVATION PROBLEM, DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MODEM(It was a professional installation). How long must i wait for it to be activated. I mean this a a genuine question, as i have been told so much baloney over the last 48 hours. Please help resovle my situation.

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still no resolution. 12 days without internet. I am have...

still no resolution. 12 days without internet. I am have escalted this and keep getting told 'another 24 hours'. It has been 5 businees days since the level 2 request went in.  I am being told it is simply an activation issue asscoaited with the install date. How can something that seems so simple to fix, and the technicians agree all it requiresis for IT to activate my account take so long.,


Oh and thanks for all the help.

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Re: still no resolution. 12 days without internet. I am have...

Hi bolagnaise,


I am very sorry to hear that you have had to wait so long for your internet to be activated. I am about to send you a private mesage to collect some additional details from you so that I can investigate for you.


Dan K

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