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Cable Broadband Congestion

Hi Everyone,


I’ve been on Telstra Cable broadband for 3 years now in Croydon, Adelaide (no NBN yet in my area). About 8 weeks ago the internet just started dropping out 5 or 6 times for a few minutes then would settle. This is happening 12-15 times during the day.  
I did the whole Telstra help process resulting in a tech coming to the house & diagnosing too much noise on the line spiking to 55 decibels. Then Telstra told us they are aware of the congestion causing the issues & they have no ETA on repair so they’d give me a month free to compensate. Fast forward 8 weeks, the internet is still dropping out all the time, Telstra are back charging me & no one has an ETA. 
If anyone can give me some advise or ideas to get this issue sorted it would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Cable Broadband Congestion

As NBN Co now own and control the cables in the streets including the Ex-Telstra HFC cable... 

As the NBN changeover will be completed by this time next year.... they are now working in the background to prepare HFC cables for NBN.

What you experience is commonly reported here

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Re: Cable Broadband Congestion

Thanks for the reply. It might be related, but in our area we have fibre to the curb being rolled out & NBN co tell us they aren’t using the cable network in our area. 

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Re: Cable Broadband Congestion

Suggest you check if you have a cable fault. If you post your modem's line stat's here some here should be able to tell ylu if there is a cable fault.

On a Cable Home Network Gateway
(CG3100D): > Connection (Under Maintenance)


On a Cable Gateway Max
(C6300BD): > Advanced > Broadband Connection > Connection Settings


If using a Cable Adapter + Gateway
(CM450. Might need to plug directly into the adapter with Ethernet): > Broadband Connection > Connection Settings


Default Username/password: admin/password
You're looking for Frequencies, Power Levels, SNR, etc


If there is a cable fault and Telstra support don't send a Tech then lodge a complaint.

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