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Cable Broadband dropping out

For the past week my cable internet speed has fluctuated dramatically. One moment it will be the full 110Mbps on a speed test then drops to 5Mbps-40Mbps. Online multiplayer games lag and connection is lost completely, Netflix stutters along and only one person in house can watch it, wireless connection for other devices is unusable. We've taken to tethering our phones for a stable connection.


Now for the good part. First Telstra didn't even register the fault at all for 3 days. Even though they'd been told about it. And of course NBN.Co own the HFC cable network in my area so Telstra has no idea when it will be fixed. Technical support now is completely useless. Spent about 40 minutes explain it to the person and they sent out a PHONE technician today, not a cable technician. Poor guy walks up the stairs, he called our phone and then asked so why am I here.


So the current status is. Telstra have zero idea when the fault will be fixed, they can't send a technician because its a fault on NBN.Co's end, talking with Telstra support is absolutely useless now because they have no control over the HFC network in my area. Yet I will have to pay the full amount of my bill this month even though at best I've had 1/4 of the service I pay for. Its a huge con job, if this was any other industry it would border on illegal for them to charge the prices they do; for the service or lack there of you receive.

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Re: Cable Broadband dropping out

If support are unable to raise a fault, your next step would be to raise a complaint. You can raise a complaint here
For Official Support Chat Now, try the Online Troubleshooter, check for Outages or Raise a Complaint.

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