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Cable broadband Order delayed and cannot give any reason


I moved to a new home so I needed a new home internet connection. I chose to order cable broadband from Telstra and confirmed the order last week. I have been tracking order status and a couple of days ago it was showing as "Delayed". I already have the modem delivered to me. I requested for a call back through the "get back in touch" link however the agent who I spoke too cannot properly explain the reason for the delay. She seems to be implying that my cable internet connection was delayed because I pushed out the voice installation appointment to 26th April, which was contrary to what I was advised before I pushed out the appointment date. I was told the voice installation is not a pre-requisite for internet activation and that my broadband can be connected even before voice installation. I called again today and being asked to call the "Cable Connections" department to get an answer. Calling "Cable Connections" department now but nobody picking up for 30 minutes now. Is this a preview of things to come with being a Telstra customer? I did think the sales agent was really helpful when I signed up, but now I'm really disappointed nobody in Telstra seems to care anymore and I'm just being passed around after I've signed up.

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Re: Cable broadband Order delayed and cannot give any reason

That may be the cable activation's team, they will need to register the MAC address of your modem. Unfortunately It can take a while to get through to them. They are the only ones who can activate your modem.
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