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Cable Broadband Ultimate - Constant Dropouts

Hi Forum,


After 6 months of perfect internet, My cable broadband is suffering from regular dropouts. Every 20 or so minutes the connection drops for 5 minutes (see picture 1)


I have a Tech arriving on Monday, but i want to put a question out if there is anything else i can do to either 1. Fix it earlier myself. 2. Ensure Telstra fix it on the day by providing as much detailed information.


Below shows my connection stability, as you can see I am getting frequent drop outs:


night of 16-5-13.png


During the outage, it looks like my modem struggles to lock on a downstream channel. Once its locked on it then takes its time locking in on the downstream bonded channels.


Below shows a picture of my connnection in a working state:




Below shows my modem event logs:


Router log.png

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Cable Broadband Ultimate - Constant Dropouts

your stats look ok . Had dropouts and trouble getting the calbe modem to sync when I moved to 100mb cable . BP tech replaced a corroded connection and missing terminator and has been perfect ever since. Give BPTS a call .

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Cable Broadband Ultimate - Constant Dropouts

Hey Mando,


Cable Drops are rarely software related, so in most cases there is not alot you can do to better the service on your end. The standard troubleshooting steps include powering down the modem, removing the coaxial cable and leaving for 10 mins. Then reconnecting and rebooting. If this doesn't help, then booking the field technician (which has already been done) is the next step.


Best of luck for your appointment today, let us know how it goes Smiley Happy



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Re: Cable Broadband Ultimate - Constant Dropouts

Thank you everyone,


The tech has not visited yet, but i have not had a dropout since 930am on Saturday. Very weird if it fixed itself after 4 days of constant drop outs.


I will still get the tech out to check the links.


I will let you all know what the outcome is.


Thanks again.



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