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Cable broadband without home phone bundles



I have ordered the $80 Cable bundle from the Telstra website.


The technician came to my house yesterday to check the dial tone for the home phone, however there was no wall socket and the phone line is behind a marble splashback so they could not check access it.


I do not need the home phone (just want the cable internet), however the bundle is cheaper with the phone than without.


I rang Telstra and they have now ordered another technician to come in one week however I’m concerned I will have the same outcome as this week.


Is there a way to activate the phone line and just not use it? If so how do we do this if we cannot check if there is a dial tone?





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Re: Cable broadband without home phone bundles

They don't need to check that there is a dial tone in order to activate it. In fact, most of the time you wouldn't have a technician turn up to do that. The only time they would do that is if they need to check which line is running from the pit to your property.


Technically, because you ordered it, they have to activate it (even though you don't want it). You could just get them to install a new phone point near where the phoneline enters the house and not use it. With cable broadband with Telstra, you have to have the phone service as they don't supply the internet services without one.

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Re: Cable broadband without home phone bundles

There is no requirement to have a phone line to get cable broadband. However it's $30 more a month for the non-bundled offerings - which is more than the cheapest line rental anyway!
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