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Cable Elite Speed???



I have been with Telstra for everything for many years.  My cable internet plan is the elite one with 200GB download per month.


My download speeds fluctuates all the time from as low as 0.68MBPS to just under 12MBPS.  Telstra promotes that 30 is the highest you can get on this plan and although I understand you are not always going to get the maximum I would expect to get at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the maximum.  I have had technician after technician come to look at.  Each time I get told that my speed is normal etc.  I am now waiting for a call back from a higher level technician.


I was just wondering what other people think about my speed.  I would hate to be asking Telstra for something more than I should be getting.


This is the speed test I just did (hopefully I have copied it right)




And this is one done last night.




Thanks for any advice you can offer.




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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Hey Letecia,


I'm sorry if you've had speeds issues with your cable connection.


Have you considered upgrading to Cable Ultimate at all where you can get speeds of up to 100Mbps?


If you are existing customer, you simply need to ask for an upgrade to this and pay $149 for the Ultimate Cable modem upgrade plus $9.95 delivery fee.


Hopefully this will help in alleviating your speed issues. If you'd like to upgrade, simply call us on 132200 or chat to us via the links below.

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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Thanks for your reply Joe.  I have considered it but I am fearful that I will pay the money for the new modem just to get the speeds I should be getting already anyway.  If Telstra could guarantee that I would getter faster speeds then I would definitely go for it.

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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

That is a concern that came immediately to my mind as well.

Just upping the maximum speed on the service will not likely impact the actual throughput you are receiving day-to-day.

I suspect it could be localised congestion. ~11Mbps would be considered reasonable on an Elite connection.

Have you tried running a speed test as per - https://bigpond.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19652 ?
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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Thanks for your reply.


I just did the speed test you suggest.  I got an average speed of about 850.  It says that I can expect betwee 110 & 3750.  So mine is less than a quarter of the top amount.  I have just gotten off the phone from Telstra and they are giving me a free modem and switch me to the ultimate plan and has a clause that if I am not getting higher speeds then I can end my contract.  The problem currently is that my speeds are all over the place so not reliable at all.  I really want to stay with Telstra so hopefully this new modem will fix the problem.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Sorry to revive such an old post but did you ever resolve this?

I also have Cable Elite and get speeds from under 1mb/s to 24mb/s (not very often the latter - average is around 6-7mb/s).

I'm aware I could upgrade to Ultimate but haven't for two reasons:

  1. Why should I pay more just to receive the service I'm already paying for?
  2. I'm not sure Ultimate will fix my problem (unless you can confirm it did for you)


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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Hi David

Getting the new modem definitely helped. There was still problems with the cable outside. After many technicians coming out they finally put a splitter of some sort outside and it has been working great now. I recommend upgrading. I now get 100 if I use an ethernet cable and about half of that using my laptop. What state are you in?
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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

I'm in SA

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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Thanks for this thread. I currently have ADSL 2+ but am 3km from exchange so only getting 4.5 Mbps at best. Switching over to equivalent Liberty cable plan for same cost. All other things being the same, I am simply hoping for better speeds, but you have helped moderate my expectations a little. My iPhone 5 on Telstra (only 3G where I am) gets 16 Mbps so hopefully we can get close to that mark!
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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Good on you Joe - get Telstra to charge long term customers more because Telstra is not providing what is being paid for in the first place! The last technician that came to us informed us that we were furthest from the exchange and the copper wires would limit speed. He had not worked on copper wires for 6 months and Telstra has done nothing to upgrade us in the past 18 months but our neighbour who has Transact as a provider is optic fibre.

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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Like yourself I have been with Telstra for 11 years and from the onset there speed has not varied to /  or for any significant use over that whole period 2004 > 2015 current day

On Ultimate plan I was getting no greater than 2mbs - in some cases 24kbs - pitiful

I have just had to contact Telstra again over consistent speed connectivity and upload / download speeds - stalling / hesitant / drop outs /

Before this last long weekend I was "comfortable" with Internet accessibility and download speed / then it all went strange as if Telstra techs had altered or tampered with previously preset configurations that worked well (satisfactorily)

I now cannot even watch a short time video advertisement without the download stopstart every 5 seconds while it gathers the next 128kb section download

I have all the top end equipment for max speed up to 800mbs

You will never achieve any greater until NBN is available

Telstra will never increase NBN services to the public unless of course the Federal or State Government allocate funds via Increased burdens on taxpayers

For the sake of money and customer satisfaction with the network not the government nor Teltra want to actually provide there clients with the exorbitant fees they charge for an archaic system overall .. Nationwide communications services have no interest to them

Also some download movie providers such as Netflix will not play properly with Telstra Max Gateway I had to purchase a Netgear ac1750 to enable that ------ so like many (majority of population) we have to consistently pay service fees to correct problems that arise from Telstra service and technicians and therefore are stuck with an inadequae outdated prehistoric network providers who will not get off there butts to enable consumers to move forward with a service that is achievable NOW   You have what you have which is adequate and should not expect anything more from Telstra until NBN is introducted Nationwide

I will add that as Telstra is the leader in communications it is important to stay with them as the other providers have the same if not greater limitations and are not really interested in paying in part for the NBN - not while ther profits continue via older equipment

If all providers combined to set up nationwide NBN then it would be better for all consumers but more so better - even though later for Telstra, Optus,Virgin, Dodo etc

Stay with Telstra  -- it will always be of some concern - always an issue no matter who you deal through

Sorry about the length of my reply

Gary F


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Re: Cable Elite Speed???

Tell me how

I have all top spec equipment

Telstra connectivity service since installation of Max gateway

Has some issues - cannot / will not reach standards indicated

You must be in the top 5% who are lucky enough to have NBN

The 95% have to be more realistic and suffer

Cannot achieve any more than 2mbs

The lady just indicated she had used elite speed and only achieved 3.5mbs

Did you read the details of her enquiry?

I am sure the current issue I have with download speeds was a direct alteration of my previous working configuration by an inexperienced Tech last long weekend

Telstra is too busy raking in additional money for greater speeds which should be available

for all (maybe at $5 or $10 month) imagine -- everybody would pay that So make the lower standards obsolete, grab the opportunity and Telstra will benefit financially for there shareholders 

I have been with Telstra for eleven   11 years   and

In the past I did not have this additional option for greater / maximum??? speeds

currently priced as an option for $25 per month on top of plan

It was given freely for customer satisfaction

You would think that after 5 or 10 or 15 years loyalty to Telstra that Telstra would..should introduce a program or option choice free of cost for remaining with them

What a backward company

My current issue is as similar to an issue I had ten years ago   -- how is that improving customer service?   For many these issues are continuing without Telstra actuallay attending to them for permanent issue resolvement

Customer satisfaction guaranteed    Customer satisfaction guaranteed......never

Telstra will remain in there crypt as the awakening daylight is never seen by them

Gary F

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