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Cable Internet Herston (4006) - sick of dropouts



as a cable internet customer in Herston (4006, Brisbane) I wish to express my heartfelt dissatisfaction at the constant dropouts, pathetic communication and even more pathetic follow up.


THis area connected at the Fortitude Valley Exchange has had upgrades months ago, and yet suffers continual outages which you announce after the fact as "planned maintenance". Customers are tired of your crap.... get this sorted or I'll be at least one more individual using the Ombudsman to leave you with a black mark and debt.


When I finally manage to get on to your support services I am told their is no planned maintenance and that all is rosy.... however my neighbours and all cable subscribers in my block are out of service... as am I. 


YOur tech support are politely ineffective. I am tired of hearing "sorry" by every individual that determines they must transfer me to someone else. Credits assist in offsetting my wasted time however the effort to get a credit - including veiled accusations of being a fraud or liar by the next fool that I have to contend with destroys any perception of value.


Telstra presents itself as a premium product - and I have to say that in my experience you are deluding yourselves. You had an infrastructure monopoly years ago giving you premium level service availability geographically. No one cares about that in the cities.... here you are judged on your pricing and your service. YOu charge a lot and your service and support stinks.



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Re: Cable Internet Herston (4006) - sick of dropouts

Raising a complaint is the best way to have the situation of your poor experience looked into. You can raise a complaint here
I work for Telstra, but my opinions are my own and not that of Telstras

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