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Cable Internet keeps dropping out in Peak Hrs

Goodafternoon all,


I've been wrestling with the Same issue for almost 3 weeks and after approx 12 hrs on the phone to BP Level 1 support, I am back at square one. I've had BP Ultimate in my home for around 3 months, Lightning fast 110 mbps, 8ms ping and no droput until around 3 weeks ago. The Modem will go offline some where from 3pm-7-pm all the way up untill approx 10pm. 


I have had the new  CG3100 replaced a couple of days ago, exactly the same issues on the new modem. Everytime I call i keep getting told there is an "Outage" in the local area that will be rectified within 24hrs. This has been told to me around 5 times now over 2 weeks. The lights all remain on, except the internet Light, which flashes on and off every second. Apparently some suburbs in adelaide have experience these mass peak-outages, but Telstra seems to be reluctant to acknowledge a serious problem exists.


Any help would be amazing, as I am coming home from work every day to a service that is unusable until bed time, what's the point?


-ps it's only running directly to 2 desktops via ethernet, no wifi as part of isolation tests.

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Re: Cable Internet keeps dropping out in Peak Hrs

Wow this went nowhere fast, Guess i should just deal with my 12 hrs per day down time as no one seems to want to take any ownership on this matter over the last 3 weeks (@ Telstra Staff, not community members).


Sorry for the disdain in my post, I am just at the end of my tether, been on the line to level 1 support so many times and same old troubleshooting steps, I've had one person swear black and blue that there si a current outage, only to call them back again and the next person deny any existence of any outages. Tried live 24x7 chat and all they do is fob my issue back to 13POND, should I really have to go to the TIO for a simple fault resolution?

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Re: Cable Internet keeps dropping out in Peak Hrs

PM me and I can escalate via Alumni Complaints Team, I'm not promising it will be fixed but it will be sent to a senior Complaints area.




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