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Cable internet swap to NBN

Hello all,


i have done some reading but i was contacted today regarding my Cable internet needing to be transferred over to the NBN in OCT this year.


I understand why this needs to be done but i am a little confused how i can be put onto a worse plan then what i am getting now. 


Currently i have Cable Internet and foxtel packaged deal i hit roughly 90-140 mbps and have been told that when i transfer i will be on 15mbps and if i want want 90mbps its going to cost  much more.


is there someone i can talk to regarding this or something someone has done to keep there current costing with the same net speeds etc?

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Re: Cable internet swap to NBN

When you transfer you will probably be on a 50 Mbps plan not 15 Mbps. Your upload speed will jump from 5 Mbps to 20 Mbps.


Unfortunately NBN charges according to the speed provided and ISPs pass the cost onto consumers. 

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