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Cable is available in the House but not in the Database

We have a naked cable connection at my residence which is a unit in a single story complex of 99 units on the Gold Coast. A friend of ours recently bought a unit right next to ours in the same complex and completed a total refurbishment. This included having a Foxtel cable connection/socket wired into her wall which her technician/electrician did in case she ever wanted to get Foxtel or cable broadband.


Her unit is within 5 metres of ours and the pit where the cable comes out of is actually inbetween our buildings. She enquired about what we do for internet and we said get Bigpond Naked Cable Broadband as it is very quick and very reliable. However, when she called up to order it, she was told it was not available. Furthermore, she was told that she couldn't even get a technician to come around for a professional install and instead she needed a commercial quote. She was told her unit is showing in the system as "not hot, and not wired". What the system doesn't show is that the unit is now wired and hot and no further technical work is required. Essentially, my neighbour should be able to do a self-install as everything is in place.


My question to everyone (including mods) is how do I request the information on the system be changed to reflect the reality of a unit being hot and wired? Can I send someone a picture of the socket? Can I plug my old cable modem in to see the numbers of green lights I get and send someone a picture of that?

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Re: Cable is available in the House but not in the Database

A Telstra staff member might have a better idea for you, but in my mind if you say it's available and the property is wired and ready to go then is there any harm in getting someone out for a quote?


The only issue I can see is that I've heard that if one person wants it, they will only connect up now if the entire complex gets wired up.  So you friend would need to seek permission (and the money) from the Body Corporate to have the entire complex wired up.

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