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Cable speed

Hi i have been checking my mothers account daily for the last 2months and she has an older BigPond Broadband Turbo - CABLE plan. From my understanding this should give up to 30/1 in speeds. I understand that  30Mbps is unlikely but my question is, despite conducting speed tests in both peak and off peak times, at all hours of the day, it has never gone higher that 9Mbps down and an atrocious 0.3Mbps upload. My neighbours on either side,just metres away, get much higher download and upload speeds? Has this been throttled at telstras end ? Should i contact telchinical support ? Why will download speeds  never achieve a higher than 9Mbps download and a maximum of 0.3Mbps upload speed. 

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Re: Cable speed

Just wondering if it is an old 8/1 Cable profile if it is a really old plan


What model modem does she have?


if you log into myaccount with her telstra email address/password and click on the internet service, what speed does it say it is there? could also be some form of fault as well

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Re: Cable speed

It could also be that she needs a new modem.

Some of the older models couldn't support the faster speeds.

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