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Cable vs NBN

I currently have broadband however I am about to move. My new premises currently has cable available but NBN FTTC available in a few weeks time.


It appears to me that on several levels the NBN option is a lesser one.


1. It is dearer

2. It is slower

3. It uses copper to the apartment - I am not even sure there is a telephone point available. And if there is one whether I will have a power point nearby for the NCD

4. My existing cable modem and router/repeater may not be compatible but even if they are I now have 3 devices!


I have head that there is 18 months where I dont have to change to NBN. Is this the case and will it apply given I am moving around the time the NBN becomes available. No one is quite sure when but it is possibly a few days before I move.

4.Apparently it will require a  

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Re: Cable vs NBN

You will have to move to NBN 18 months after it first becomes available at your new location.


You will still have the same number of devices a NBN NTD and a telstra Modem Router or your own router. If you use your own router then you will not have a fixed line phone service.


FTTC in some respect is better than HFC cable. A optical fiber is connected to a DPU in the street. The DPU is services four NBN connections. Due to the short distance of the copper cable the speed achievable is greater than for NBN HFC. The cost is a bit more expensive for the same speed that you were getting on Telstra cable but it is only due to the competition from NBN that Telstra offered free speed boost to all its cable customers. The upload speed on NBN is greater than Telstra cable. 

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